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  • Fibre-based connection
  • 100 MB up and down
  • No contract, no fine print
  • Static routable IPs
  • BotNet security

What's more annoying than an unexpected network collapse? We find ourselves waiting on the phone to talk to overworked IT reps. It's not worth the gray hairs. We're here so you can avoid such an experience. We are the only multi-homed provider in the region. To break it down, we bulk-buy Internet from separate wholesale providers. In the event of a network crash, a respective provider will recover your connection. Taking chances is not an option. Choose GoFred and acquire the confidence that your Internet is always on and always secure.

Our bandwidth is kept in check; oversubscription is not an option. Our requirements/purchase ratio is consistently 1:1. You get what you pay for, without exceptions. We offer bandwidth that isn't filtered, metered or capped.


When you purchase Internet from us, you buy into a burstable service. This means that what you pay for is guaranteed, but you will often benefit from transfer rates up to three times as fast.

We can promise you this: by subscribing to our services you are taking advantage of a bulk buy. Once we reached a critical mass of fibre members, it only makes sense to pool requirements and make a collective purchase. The result: the price per megabit remains the same, regardless of how much bandwidth any particular member requires. Our members breathe easy because they get the highest quality services for the best available prices. It is not unusual to see the monthly costs for Go Fred Internet lowered without notice, this has happened many times in the past.

We request a call or e-mail for quotes, as the price of Internet is constantly in flux.

Our goFred Giga-Bit Connection is Lightning-Fast

Our connection is so fast everyday computing feels instantaneous. Forget buffering!
See how your connection shapes up compared to our giga-bit connection.

  • My Speed:
  • 5mbps
  • 10mbps
  • 50mbps

goFred: 1000mbps

  • Download 100 photos
  • Download 100 photos
  • Download a game
  • Download 100 songs
  • Download an HD movie
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It's time to stop worrying about shutdowns.

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